Pops and Sparkles

Good morning folks! How is your day, mine is cloudy, but I awoke nice and early and started the day off just right, as I hope you are enjoying your day too, whether it be sunny, rainy or maybe even full of a bit of cold snow. The outfit I am showing today is quite fun, as it has lace, sparkles, a collar and little tie. It has a lot of tiny details that make for a sparkly look.

Of course I added a sweater, I do love them. You can make the bow as big as you want or as small as you want for more personalization. 🙂

The first part I am showing you of my outfit will be the top. As you can see I am wearing a nice black top, it’s a bit silky and I wore a black tank top underneath in case it was a bit see through. The top is extremely comfortable, which is one of the reasons I love to wear it. Plus, the silky fabric of the top goes well with the sparkly aspect of the skirt, although I am sure any fabric would go great with the sparkly skirt. Another reason I love to wear it is because of the collar and tie. Collars are always nifty little things because they give flair to a top without adding to much, but just enough. A bonus of this collar is that it has lace, which is one of my favorite kinds of fabric in the whole world. So a collar which is already extra feature is made even more “extra” with the lace. So collars are great additions and if you can find one with a little extra snazzle on it, that’s just another way to add on to your outfit showing your personality if you’d like. The top adds yet another feature with it’s pink silky tie! The pink silky tie is so cute, I love bows and that’s just what it adds, it’s silk like the black silky top itself, which goes great with the skirt that is quite shiny.

I love fall leaves. 🙂

The skirt is a personality skirt all in its own. It’s a heavier material which lets it stick out and look full. It’s also full of sparkles, and that’s what makes this outfit pop even more. Adding pops and sparkles gives just one more unique addition to your outfit. The skirt is black and gold which matches the top as it is a black shirt, and the gold I think it quite pretty with the pink. I’m wearing plain black tights which keep me warm and keep the outfit sweet as the skirt is a bit short, but long enough to wear without tights. I think tights add  more color and more personal touch to outfits, though. Then I have little heeled black flats which blend with the tights and give me extra height which is a bonus and just extra cuteness overall in regards to the outfit, which I love.

Pops of fun from the sparkle on the skirt to the lace collar and pink bow are great features to and outfit’s overall look. 🙂

Putting together an outfit for the day that contains multiple different pieces and details is easy and special. As long you think the collar or the fabric or the pattern looks cool and shows off who you are, then go with it. It’s never to much or too little if you like it! 🙂

Now God gives us confidence to be the people we are, and he loves us and loves what makes us different from others as he gave us all different personalities and styles which is quite lovely. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to wear that extremely sparkly collar or that rainbow bowtie or green and purple skirt with rhinos on it. It makes you you! 🙂

Philippians 4:13 NIV “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”

Have a lovely day being you! 🙂

Molly Marie 🙂



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