Happy with a Hat

Hello folks! Ah, today I have one of my favorite things to wear upon my head on, a hat! Yes, I love hats. I have cloche hats, apple caps, beanie hats, baseball caps, all kinds of hats, and sparkly and knit and everything in between from bows to simple hats. 🙂 Today I am wearing one of my favorite hats of all, it is pink and it is a cloche hat, with a big bow and a sparkly gem right in the middle of the bow. Many of my clothes match each other, so I find myself being able to wear this hat all the time if I want too.

Thank you God for the beautiful world! 🙂

Now I have on a rather fun little outfit. I feel like my colors are very chilly weather-y, and bright, but not extremely bright which makes me feel like I fit right in with the atmosphere of the oranges, yellows and reds surrounding me. 🙂

I have on a red pair of tights, which I love wearing colored rights with anything, but especially dresses or skirts that are a more neutral color, as it adds a little color. Neutral is good too, if you like that, as I sometimes do, however today I wanted to look quite autumn-ish. I am wearing little black flats, they are comfy and match almost everything. My dress is a gray fit and flare, it isn’t too short, but still shows off my red tights. I also am wearing a longer yellow cardigan, which is yet another natural kind of color, which I love very much. I added a pearl necklace and pearl earrings to finish off the outfit. However, to top of the outfit off, top it off, oh yes, I am wearing a hat! Yes, hats can go with anything and they add more sparkle, even if the hat isn’t sparkly, which is always a great touch. 🙂

I love that by putting something as fun and quick as a hat is on, that it can take an outfit to a whole new level. Wearing any kind of hat that you like, shows off who you are. There are many kinds of hats, but they are still hats. You can wear a different hat from someone else and be the lovely you, but you are both stylish. God created us all different from each other which is beautiful, but we are all still his little ones. 🙂 Be happy and know that it’s okay to be individually you. 🙂

I love hats and that makes me happy, but I also know God loves us, and that is enough to make me happy. 🙂

Pslam 36:5 NIV You’re love O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

Oh, how I love knowing that God loves us. 🙂

-Molly Marie 🙂


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