I am “Eager” to Share the First Friday Word

Hello, hello, my friends,

On Fridays, I am thinking I am going to start posting simple one word inspired thoughts. I will give a word and describe what it means to me at the moment or possibly give a mini story. If you would like you can chime in and give what that words means to you at the moment. I find writing and talking through things helps me discover new ideas and let go of anything bothering me and help me understand what I may not.

Today’s word is, “eager”. Eager, it means excited, it means anticipation. Well, lately I noticed I do have things to look forward to, however I still feel like I am in a rut. I can’t go out and do everything I want to do, that I am yearning to do at the time. I struggle finding eagerness in the moments throughout the day where I may feel upset or that I cannot achieve what I want. I look to small things to find a bit of excitement which definitely helps me. In moments of forlorn or anger or any other emotion where I may feel a little less than happy, I find tiny things to help me feel “eager”. Perhaps I watch a new movie or rewatch one I have seen a billion times and drink a mug of hot green tea (Harry Potter?). Maybe I eat a few servings of peanut butter with a smile and try on outfits and pair things together I normally wouldn’t (sometimes you can find incredibly cute pairings). I can listen to music I love and sing along and give a little dance while I am at it (Broadway showtunes here I come!). These are small things, but they help me take my mind off of being anything less than being a bit more glad. I also have to remind myself I have so many things to be eager about in the upcoming days, months and weeks, and that it’ll be different. Small moments of hard times of finding “eagerness” disappear and soon I feel more like my happy self again.

Right now I am helping myself find “eager” by writing and planning for the future, while yet not forgetting to enjoy every single moment, like typing this right now!

What does “eager” mean to you?

Have a most eager filled day!

Molly Marie 🙂


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