Ease into Happy or Go Full Force Ahead

Hi everyone, my friends and all fabulous folks,

It is Saturday. Saturdays are swell, I mean it is another day which means another opportunity to  have the most splendid day ever! Sometimes I have a hard time though when I feel like I am not having the most splendid day ever. Why am I not having a better day? I may think this to myself, but I need to push that aside. I need to find ways to make myself happy. I can start off by being thankful for having a day to even try to be cheerful and deciding “I am going to be happy” and then I can go and do things I love.

These things can be small. I can get stressed when I have a few things to get done, even if they are small and I know logically I can get them done quickly, and sometimes I even enjoy doing them, however it still gives me that uneasy feeling. Well, to ease into being happier and taking away those stresses, I like to dive in right away and do everything I need to do until I know I will be able to stop focusing on every detail I feel I need to get done. Right now I have the tab open to my microeconomics online class, it isn’t due until tomorrow, but I know if I get it done right now, I will feel a whole lot more accomplished. I actually really enjoy the class, anyhow, it is just the thought of something being due that makes me a tad stressed, just a tad. I do find it a thrilling class. I love math and story problems which is a lot of what that class holds. 🙂

I don’t like waiting around and dwelling. If I am feeling a little down I pop up and get going. I start cleaning, I turn on some upbeat tunes and start my day. Jumping right in to a happy attitude and into happy actions definitely eases my stress and eases me into being much more happy.

Being out and about helps makes me happy as well. I mean going to the gas station can make my day better, I just enjoy being around people and seeing things and experiencing things, no matter how small.

Once I grab my purse, I am out the door and ready to continue my happy day! 🙂

What makes you happy?

Knowing that God and Jesus Christ loves us makes me happy too. God created today and gave us today, I want to be as happy as can be! 🙂

ESV Pslams 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Have a happy day!

Molly Marie 🙂

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