It is Pondering Time

Hello intrigued or maybe not intrigued or just not at the moment pondering folks,

Today is a sunny day here where I reside and I absolutely love it. I opened the blinds, and felt the sunshine warm me up both figuratively and literally. Now, it isn’t spring outside, I mean it is February and still chilly, but I really love the cold temperatures yet blue sky that is happening today.

I think I may go outside for a bit and take in the sunshine to it’s full extent, even through the cold I think it is worth it today. Whether is it cold for you these days, or whether the weather  (whether, weather, hehe) around you is warm or perhaps, it’s warm and cloudy, or cold and sunny, what do you like to do in whatever the combination of the forecast is where you are?

Oh, sunshine, I love you. Cold weather, I love you too. 🙂

Have a sunny day (no matter the climate)!

-Molly Marie 🙂

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