Bundling Time Means Accessorizing Time?

Hello once again friends,

The snow was coming down here where I am and I definitely enjoyed it. Nevertheless, the sun peaked out behind the clouds and seems to have warmed up the air, but not quite warm enough to ditch all the sparkly and snazzy accessories that winter weather has to offer.

I took to my matching accessory set to get ready for outdoor frosty weather. My winter coat is white, but has gold buttons and a nice pattern that make the coat seem princess proper in my opinion. I like the idea of feeling like a snowy time princess, so of course this coat is one of my favorite winter time staples. Plus, it is warm, which makes sense. Well, my accessories that I like to wear because I think they are cute and keep my warm are a scarf, gloves and a hat. They are the basic frigid moment warmers. The set is in two of my favorite colors, pink and purple. The pink and purple is a soft tone that matches well with the (well I suppose the new thing I am going with is princess proper) coat. The light hues of the white and gold go kindly with the pinks and purples. The scarf also has gold tones that glitter up the look and bring out the coats gold buttons as well. I think finding a few colors that go greatly with your favorite coat is a very easy way of putting together a functional and fun winter look. The hat also has pink sparkles, and that just adds more sparkle which you can never have enough of.

I really love the light look this look has. 🙂

I added my purple purse of course, and funny I didn’t even notice the gold chain that incorporates the tint once more, right away. Or did I?

The boots are lace up combat boots, which I love. I am not wearing tights, so they keep my legs much toastier and while they are not gold, they are brown which IS close enough to keep the gold shade inclusions going.

The gloves have little bows on them, which is just plain cute! 🙂

I really love going out in this outfit, it makes me feel bundled up in joy (get it? I am bundled, and I am joyful at the same time, so I am double bundled? Yeah). The snow may or may not keep coming, but either way, I can pull out these accessories next year and wear them once again, unless my fingers grow 10 inches in length, in which case I could figure out another way to wear these gloves. There is always another way, folks.

Hello there, world! 🙂

No matter what is going on for you, I hope you find love in your heart. The snow warms my heart, even though snow is cold, because I find it so beautiful, or should I say “snow” beautiful.

If there is no snow there are other ways I feel love, and one of those is remembering how much our Lord loves us, and how much Jesus Christ loves us and that is beautiful.

Ephesians 3:17 NIV “17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,”

Have a warm day!

Molly Marie 🙂

One thought on “Bundling Time Means Accessorizing Time?

  1. I bundle up in an extremely puffy winter parka, snow pants, and massive winter boots. My parka is by far the biggest and thickest that I have ever seen. I wear a fur cap with the parka’s hood always up and a scarf wrapped around the hood. The hood is fur lined and has a built in fleece face cover that covers my mouth and nose. Under the parka I wear layers of sweaters and a down filled vest.


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