Love, it is quite lovely

Hi everyone,

I did not post yesterday, and I am sorry about that. However, if I ever do not post on a day I may seem to usually, I would like to see if I can incorporate what that day’s post that I missed was going to be, into the current day’s post.

Today I will be asking a question and because on Sunday’s I post a Bible verse, I will post the verse today.

Today’s verse I would like to share with you is,

NIV Romans 13:10 “10 Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

I love this verse because it goes to show that showing kindness and love to somebody and everybody is effortless, and it is full of fabulousness. Do you know why? Showing love to someone can make them feel better in an instant, and it is not hard to do. A hug, a smile, a compliment, a gift of a cupcake, a gift of being pleasant always and any small gesture can mean a whole lot to someone. Showing love is lovely, and it is something I always want to do, and if I feel I did not show love as much as I could at some moments, I keep going and trying to be the most loving I can be.

One of my favorite ways to show love is a hug. I love hugging people and of course, I love receiving hugs. You get to huddle with someone and share a moment, and I think that is rad.

What ways do you folks love to show love?

Have a love-filled day!

Molly Marie 🙂

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