Flowers on Me, Trees Behind Me

Hi folks,

How has your week been? February is coming to an end, but that is okay, next is March, so we go marching on. Today was very, very warm out, and I felt the green growing around me. The trees, and grass were bright and it made me feel great. My outfit matches nature today, actually.


I am wearing a simple colored outfit, but yet I believe it is quite colorful as well. It is an earthy vibe kind of outfit. Let’s start from the shoes. My shoes are purple. Purple is a color that adds a pop and I just love including little touches of it, or many touches in some cases if the situation happens to call, perhaps.


My main outfit piece is a simple dress. I love black dresses, you can do so many things with them and in this case I added a few color statements and it really brought the whole outfit together. My dress has a nifty high collar as well, which I love. The more detail, the more fun for today.

Then I put on a lovely cardigan. It is green and white and floral. Floral is definitely earthy in tone, and I thought it was the way to go today. My necklace is full of white flowers, which matches the cardigan and adds more nature elements to my outfit.

The leaf on my foot, is really a part of nature, accidentally putting one more nature element into my outfit and I love it! πŸ™‚

I also love adding girly things to outfits if I can. I wore a big black bow in my hair to do just that.


I find it fun building outfits around a feeling or environment. Today is was the feeling of nature and spring on its way. Do you like to build outfits around certain feelings or environments?

Well, today’s word is nature. What do you love about nature? I love twirling around pine trees for one thing.

You know what else is amazing about nature, God created the beautiful world full of lovely nature for us to be happy in and I just love remembering this and appreciating everything around me. God and Jesus Christ have love for us that is so beautiful and spending time in nature is one way for me to feel that love from God and Jesus Christ.

Pslam 33:5 NIV “5 The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

I hope you have a twirlingly amazing day!

Molly Marie πŸ™‚

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