A Little Bit of a Blue Hue

Good day, good day!

Once again, I ask? How are you? I really am interested to know. My past week has been quite exciting, but yet I shall continue to look forward to this upcoming week and hopefully it will be filled with more excitement to come. I dearly hope you are finding cheer. Hobbies are indeed a great way to keep our cheery smiles up. I have honestly, about one billion hobbies. However, that would take far too long to list, so alas, because it would probably be easier to list what are not my hobbies, I will tell you one for today. One of my favorite things to make myself feel better is getting outside. Even if it is 80 degrees or 10 degrees (oh my goodness), I find the heat or the chill drifts away from my mind as I wander about nature and my mind starts falling into thoughts and hopes of what may come. Hearing the silence of the snow falling or the wind blowing and raining drizzling or birds chirping and bicycles passing, can be extremely calming and helps me focus on what I need to think about, what really matters and come back with a new outlook and be ready to do what needs to be done. Now, remember wear your coat if it is 10 degrees and wear no coat if it is 80. Actually, you just do what you feel. Maybe you feel hot in 10 degrees and cold in 80 degrees. I don’t know. Fahrenheit, I am referring too. 😉 What is a special hobby to you? 🙂

The attire I am wearing for this little post is not my normal every day wear, yet it is. That makes sense, I know. 🙂 Now, this dress is a more fit forming dress, but I love it. It is rather comfy and is a relaxing length for me.

Balancing on those wedges is actually quite confidence boosting, hehe. 🙂

The dress is a black and white. I absolutely love black and white. However, I wanted to add some color. I was feeling color, you know? So I decided on a nice light blue. I found blue wedges (of multiple blue hues), a big blue bow, and I am wearing my Tiffany’s necklace, which has a silver heart and little, you know it, blue heart, with little Tiffany labeling.

What an interesting garage door! Am I building a rocket ship behind this garage door? You will never know. 🙂

I only added three little pops of color, but it definitely lifted the outfit up in a summery way, but honestly, it could almost be wintery as well, it just depends on how you look at it. With black tights, and my pearl earrings, I finish the look off. I really loved wearing this outfit, plus the wedges are extremely fun. I don’t wear them often enough, perhaps.


Now this picture right here is rather silly. However, I think it is incredibly important to remember to be silly. Whenever you are brought down, remember the easy ways to stay positive no matter how hard. A silly grin, a silly story or even the word silly are silly little easy ways I hope can boost you up in hard moments.

God wants us to be happy. His blessings surround us, and if we find them, they can bring our spirits up greatly. I hope you feel his blessings, and I hope you have a happy heart.

Proverbs 15:13 NIV

“13  A happy heart makes the face cheerful,  but heartache crushes the spirit.”

Have a happy week!

Molly Marie 🙂

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