I feel a chilly breeze on its way

Hello my friends,

It has sprung already into August. Summer is coming to its end, but fear not, we have a few more weeks left, unless of course you are looking forward to fall. I know I am. A cool breeze, cloudy skies and pumpkins everywhere is an absolute delight to me. I know the weather isn’t quite 80 degrees all day, anymore, and the skies are already deciding to rain more and more. I am quite alright with that.

Are you looking forward to the autumn months?

Besides going back to school, if you are doing that, or just the thought of autumn weather, I love fall because it is the start of the holiday season. I completely love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mean from the decorations to food to activities and everything in between, I  feel quite cheerful.

Now I am wearing a more toned down, and polished look here, but still cute and fun. The dress is a dark navy, very professional, but it has a longer sleeve with a little flare and shoulder cut out, which brings a more carefree look to the dress. I paired a black belt to give my waist definition as the dress was a tad flowy and I thought an extra accessory couldn’t hurt.


I have pointy toed blue velvet shoes that match the dress perfectly. I think their little belt clip adds to the the fun aspect with their sweet detail. I have a beige tight on, I love tights. Also, if it gets cold, you are extra warm and it is almost autumn, hehe. Not quite, but I like the thought.


Pearls are always acceptable to any outfit, when I say acceptable, I really mean match, even if they don’t. ALWAYS! So I have my pearl earrings in and my teacup necklace. It is blue and adorable. I think I kept the look almost as if I look like I could go to a meeting about important matters, but go get a sandwich and shop later.

I also have a unique purse on my shoulder. It is a heart shape with a nifty chain strap and a vintage map print. How neat, I thought. It gives the whole look more interest.

I think I will definitely wear this outfit many more times. It is super cozy as well. I feel very comfortable in it, if the need calls, I could run, even with those heels, they aren’t too high.

As I said earlier it is becoming chilly. Chilly as in weather of course is what I was referring too, but it is also easy to become chilled in the way of scaredness, and uncertainty. The fall is coming, new things may be coming, we do not always know what is coming. That is okay.

God has plans for us. We don’t have to stop working hard, we don’t have to stop trying, we don’t have to stop going for our dreams, and we most definitely do not have to be scared. We can continue our journey into life, but when we let God in, he will help us. He shows us the way. How can we be “chilled” with God on our side?

We cannot.

We don’t need to sit back and relax and not stress, we still can do the things that frighten us, but things that will help us grow. For me going to an audition can be frightening, but to achieve the goal of getting a role I have to go. I have to face a fear. I always end up being happy I went. God is there with us all the way. Even if we feel nervousness and uncertainty he is there. That is a calming feeling.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

“11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Happy almost fall!

Molly Marie 🙂

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