Hanging out with Nature

Hello lovely people,

How has your past couple of days been? Lately, I have been feeling a little caught up in confusion. Honestly, I am quite lost, I am trying to work more, which consists of the ever many applications, interviews (hopefully), the wonders if my current jobs will still be able to work out if I get more hours somewhere else, the worries that perhaps my other events in my schedule won’t work with a new job, and all over, just growing up and feeling emotions about all sorts of happenings. You know what, though?

This is all okay.

Every part of life will consist of of ups and downs, and this is what keeps an ever changing interest of growth. God is with us all through life, we are not alone. In moments where we may seem lost, as I do often, we know he is with us, helping us and we have no need to be worried about being lost. We will be okay. We have to keep going.

I look around outside and marvel at the beauty God created everyday. Honestly, God is always with us and looking outside is an easy way to realize this is true. Going outside and feeling the fresh air and hearing the animals do their thing, is relaxing and refreshing.


My outfit today is quite nature-esque. You know why? I feel like a woodland fairy in it. This is a dream of mine, to be a woodland fairy. I think this is a very valid dream, folks.

Well, I am wearing a puffy taffeta lilac skirt to start with. If this skirt doesn’t say fairy of the woodland variety, I don’t know what does. I love this skirt, it keeps it’s shape, has an adorable big bow belt, and the fabric makes a squishy sound when ruffled, which is just a fun tiny bonus.

Nature, you make a comfortable bed. šŸ™‚

For my blouse, I have a purple, multicolored purple and green loose flowing blouse on, which I tucked into my skirt. The greens and purples all cohesively make a rather earthly aesthetic, I think. The blouse also has a little tie bow up towards the neck, which I love. The neck bow is not incredibly noticeable so I believe it is okay to have a bow on the skirt and blouse without looking to crowded.

I have my Cross sparkly and pink bracelet on, because it is meaningful to me, as it reminds me of Jesus Christ’s and God’s love for us all throughout every moment. Having a small piece of jewelry or item on us that has meaning to us is a way to keep a smile on our faces in times of trouble.

I also have teardrop earrings in that are the color of my birthstone, amethyst, that my mother bought me. Purple is definitely the main color of this outfit. Of course I also have a dinosaur mood ring on, I believe this on is my Triceratop one. This unique pieces really add to any outfit and make it your own.


I have nude tights on, and my saddle shoes. My saddle shoes wouldn’t normally be my first choice for a more spring and fairy-like outfit like this, however I thought, why not? I put them on and they looked like they were made for this outfit. Sometimes you may not think something will look good together, but why not try it, it may surprise you.

Well, I hope you are feeling better than okay. If you are not, do not worry, please. God is with you. You will be okay. Hopefully better than okay.

Whether it be going outside and listening to the sounds of nature or even glancing out at the wonders God created, I hope you find a piece of joy today for your heart to stay happy.

Pslam 95:4-5

4 In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. 5 The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.”

Happy day to you and happy weeks too,

Molly Marie šŸ™‚

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