Taking it Slow

Hey ya’ll,

I want to share a little hope with you about finding an calm mindset when we are faced with the world of busy hour upon hour, going from one place to one thing to the next all the time. I know I find myself getting caught up quite too much in the future as well as the past. Why do I do this? I cannot change the past, for it is over and done with, and I cannot always expect to control the future. So why do I get caught up in my ever so many thoughts of uncertainty about things I cannot control or change?

I cannot ever say I will know the complete answer. I do know, however, that I do this sometimes because I am not always happy about the present. I thank God all day for my blessings, and I have positive occurrences all the time surround me, although, somehow, there is still an ever present stress about being plain ol’ stuck. I then look to my past to reminisce about nostalgic and cheerful memories and I look forward to the future for the comfort knowing, it’ll get better, it’ll get better, and it’ll all work out. These thought processes, both of them, are just fine, and healthy, but when I fall into this mindset trap and only think about my past and future, I fail to recognize the moment I am in and I do not enjoy it as God hopes that we do.

Whenever I come to a point in my life where things are so happy and my future seems to exciting, sometimes the smallest event can make me feel like the brakes were hit, and I am stopped and cannot go on. These moments happen. This is a part of growing and finding our right path. Perhaps, if the brakes didn’t stop you, you would have gone right past the road you were supposed to take. God wants us to pursue our hopes and dreams, but he knows what is best for us, and he will help us and take us there, but we have to trust him.

Going to the past for hope and going to the future for hope are awesome, they are apart of us forever more, but only going to these two places for hope may not be helpful. Staying in the moment and looking around may help you notice what you are going to miss out on or not take a chance on if you let your mind drift to places you cannot currently change.

Lately, I have felt confused. Plain old confused could be my middle name these days, hehe I am kidding. Nevertheless, I am definitely not taking a traditional route as an 18 year old. I am not currently going to college, no, I am working and saving money as I have many dreams, one of them being an actress, one of them being a fitness instructor, one of them being a business owner, one of them being a pilot, one of them traveling, one of them baking, one of them being a writer, and so the list goes on. I try my hardest to work on these the best I can, but my hope sometimes seems bleak due to not always being in the position to move forward with these hopes due to my job situation and my schedule and life. However, that is okay. We do not need to rush life. God has me where I need to be, I have to trust him.

God wants us to enjoy everyday. Everyday is a blessing from him. Let’s stay present and feel the sun on our faces and breathe in the fresh air. Let’s take it slow, however if you are riding a bike, you may not want to take it too slow as to not lose your balance and then fall off your bike onto many rocks and small green insects who are ever so grateful you did not fall on them.

We do not need to rush life.


My outfit here is simple, folks. I have a cute Audrey Hepburn tank top on, shorts, very comfy shorts I might add, a ball cap of the navy nature and my teapot necklace for an added accessory. Even if you are bike riding, it is alright to still want to dress a little fun.

I hope you remember to realize you have today to make as special as you, as you are special and slow down and feel it as God hopes.

Psalms 118:24 NIV

“The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice and be glad.”

Molly Marie 🙂


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