The Power of Prayer

Hello and Happy October my friends,

How are you? Good, I hope. No, great, I hope! For me I have been quite a busy bee these past couple weeks and I feel great, but now that I have some time to sit and relax, that is just fine and great by me too.

Well, I want to talk about the amazing gift we all can accept and participate in, that is prayer. If you know me, or have been following along with me, you may know I have had struggles I have dealt with, particularly over this past year and have gone through a rollercoaster of changes, but everyone goes through struggles, everyone, and that is normal, that is fine, and that is okay. The way we respond to our difficult moments that come to us in life and when we find a reason to smile and truly feel that smile’s power is what matters and what matters is how we carry on.

Sometimes it is not always easy to keep faith and a hope that we will indeed make it through our hardships, but please hear this, we can. We can make it through, and during the moments were are pushing through, we can find comfort. One of many ways I find comfort is prayer. You can never, EVER, pray too much. Our God loves hearing us, helping us, and healing us. It may feel like no one is understanding to us at times, but we can always find solace in the knowing that God will always understand and be there for us.

There are pieces in our lives where we may feel our prayers are unanswered. This is when we need to be patient. God knows what’s up, he is going to help, he hears us, and while our prayers may be answered differently than we had originally planned, that is okay. God has the best plan.

Prayer is powerful, and prayer is a comfort we can use to turn to God and his help.


My outfit here is one of my most confident oozing outfits I have. It is my black and white gingham, straight down dress, and no flare and I paired it with an adorable pink sweater, which is warm and fashionable. The sweater has little bows on the back as well. I put a thin black belt around my waist to give a silhouette, but keep the outfit from looking to bulky, and the sweater poofs out a bit for a cute vibe below the belt. I have black tights and white and black short heels on for a classic look. Now this dress is what I wore, and the day this picture was taken, was the day I got an awesome job offer! Now this is in relation to what I said about prayer, I never thought this is the type of job I would be working in this part of my life, and I never expected to receive a job offer like this, but God answered and gave me what is best for me, and all I needed was to have faith and be patient.

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

“12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.”.

I hope you all feel comfort in God and from prayer as well, and have a beautiful October 1st! 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Molly Marie 🙂

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