Let The Sun Warm You

Dear my friends,                                                                                     April 4, 2018

Happy afternoon everyone. 🙂 I’m so thankful for the sunshine today. It brings warmth, light and peace, and all of these things, just when I need it.

However, I find it crazy, just a tad, that a change in weather, or a change in the light can affect my day so much?

Though, that’s because I choose to let it.

A side note: If you live anywhere that resembles the weather I have been experiencing in Ohio lately (which is nothing new of Ohio weather especially during the season transitions), please don’t let the changes in weather make or break your day. Really. Or else your daily vibe is going to change every second, you know? 😉

It’s you who gets to choose how outside changes are going to sway your day.

Right now, an example of patience I am learning has to do with one of my passions I want to pick back up. When I was little and up until I was a young adult, I suppose, I was utterly in love with horseback riding. I went to the horse camps, I took riding lessons, I went to horse shows and I researched horses like it was my job to fill up the non-existent stable I had always dreamed up in my mind.

Hey, I actually was a 1st place barrel racer on a sweet and beautiful Bay named B, when I was a little girl. Fun fact: B was the first horse, not pony, that I ever rode by myself with no one by my side guiding me through the course the whole time, well I don’t think so, hehe. I was a proud youngster, hehe. 😉

Now lately, I have been having some stresses that I will not share right now, these stresses regard how I am saving & letting myself spend my money, including all the options I will be looking at for myself to continue stepping into my future. Well, while this is a whole stress of its own, there are many other areas of life right now that have been particularly hard for me to push through, though with God I know I will make it through just fine. However, I feel I need something to help relieve these coming and going stresses for me, give me something to look forward to and keep my mind focused on, even just for an hour. Horses provide companionship, and I have so much drive to get back into something I was so passionate about for so long.

Nonetheless, horseback riding is expensive. I have calculated my costs and budget, I have included some what ifs, and possibilities of money, over and over. The thing is, I just don’t see that right now in my life, going back into a long loved hobby I will always hold dear in my heart, is right for me right now. It hurts to know there’s something there, but it ultimately is not right, for right now, I stress the “right now”.

This is where patience comes in. I don’t need the horses back in my life right now. Perhaps, this adventure would take me off of the current adventure I should be focusing on. Who knows, maybe the horses would yes, carry me away from something hard, but carry me farther from pushing through the trail in the gloomful forest to the light.

I trust this isn’t where I am supposed to ride right now. It isn’t easy. Trust me, I want to put a good portion of my funds to get back in the saddle, but that would be the decision that takes me from where I am going.

I have to be patient through where I am at right now. I can find focus on other activities, like writing, “write” here for one thing, and letting myself be okay with what I am going through and embracing my time where I am at, because God put me where I am supposed to be, I have faith he did, and I know the ride here is better than the ride I want to distract myself with being the life at the barn.

We will make the journey, ya’ll.

God gives us, exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. We just have to have faith he will internally bring us joy, though we need to understand the value of patience. It’s hard. Though it’s a whole lot easier to be patient when we are strong in our faithful belief. We are the ones who decide if outside influences are going to affect our day negatively or positively.

You can definitely let the warming sunshine or frosty wind or rattling thunderstorm make you smile. God provided us the joys of nature, just don’t let your whole day’s hope rest upon the fact that you saw a speck of rain fall down your window today when the forecast called for sunshine. Rain is refreshing as well, find something positive in it.

Romans 12:12 English Standard Version (ESV)

12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Have a positive look on today.


Molly Marie 🙂


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