Believing in your Prayer

Dear people of the earth world,                                                                    April 13, 2018
Something that’s been giving me much needed strength in my life always, but especially lately, is prayer.
I understand prayer is not always easy. The words don’t always flow. The thoughts aren’t easily formed. We have fragments and bit of pieces on our mind and we want to have help from God, but we don’t know how to go about asking it.
One thing I find myself praying for a lot is clarity involved in friendships. I sometimes don’t understand why certain people come into my life, and if they will be around forever. I believe people that come into our life are here for a very specific reason, even if the reason is short and simple. Though, I find I have a stronger connection with certain folks that walk into my bubble, and I want to keep them close, so close.
When I find someone who I feel I jive with more than others, I don’t want the reason for them in my life to be short and simple. I don’t want them to disappear even if there’s a strong chance they will be back again one day. On a side note, do you ever feel you met someone at the wrong time, but really you didn’t. God didn’t put someone in your life at the wrong time. Perhaps, you met them at the right time, only that was an introductory period for you, and while they may be gone for a little while again, you feel they are supposed to be in your story to stay, but that time will come in the future and guess what? You already know them and something Godly is happening. I feel that way.
The thing I need to understand though is, that I won’t always understand what is going on in these times. I pray. I ask for guidance and I am not scared to pray to keep these people around. God wants to know our desires and yearnings, so we cannot be scared to ask for them on the chance that maybe what we yearn for is not what God wants. We don’t need to keep our thoughts from God, he can see them anyway.
One thing is for sure though. When I pray to God and I listen, my prayers have an interesting way of being answered, and not always in the way I expect. I hold faith that God knows what he is doing, because he certainly does.
What I want to say is, when you pray, you need to have faith your prayers, and faith that the prayers you pray will be answered. Don’t pray, and not expect a result. Don’t pray and think “well, I prayed about it, but I’m pretty sure nothing is going to change.”. You cannot lack faith.
God wants us to talk to him, he has so much in store for us, he wants to answer us, but we have to have faith that he will answer our prayers. Though sometimes our prayers may not be answered in the way we expect, this does not mean we should lack hope.
1 John 5:14 ESV
And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.
Molly Marie 🙂

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