You Don’t Have to Wander Alone

Dear my pals,                                                                                                             April 23, 2018
Do you ever feel lost?
Well I do. All the time.
I feel like I’m wandering towards nowhere or I’m making small steps that seem to be only taking me in a circle.
It’s not the definition of a good time.
Though I need to remember, what I think is a small step taking me nowhere, isn’t necessarily what is really going on.
I believe, even when it’s hard, that the reason God is only giving me direction in small steps in certain instances is not because he wants me to wander forever or not find my purpose forming into a reality, it’s because he is giving me……*whispers* what I can HANDLE!
To apply this to my last year of life, God knew what he was doing, of course. So to begin, I was so yearning to start embarking on my future dreams, and dive right in. However, God gave me a job that would teach me patience, help me earn money and in turn be a more static part of my life during a time where friendships any other happenings all seemed to fall by the haywire.
Really, my job is a desk job. It is not a dream for me. I want to be doing so many other things. Nonetheless, I have been able to save money, use my time to plan for my future and work on setting myself up for my future and all the while having this job being a simple and not stressful journey for me was a blessing from God when my life outside of work has been quite emotionally difficult, back and forth this year.
I would not have been able to handle all the things I am now going for as easily having stresses from my dream journey pop up, on top of my life outside of my goals, regarding family or friends.
On top of that, I met people here at work who helped bring me through the more difficult moments and now I have a great job to put on my resume with experience and much faster typing speed, ya’ll, because you never know.
Sometimes I make up in my own mind that I can handle more than I can. In which, I probably cannot and so God is giving me my hopes and desires, but he is keeping me healthy along the way, trying to keep me from being overwhelmed, hurt and frankly, frazzled.
Though, I have to trust God to take me where I am going in his timing.
Philippians 4:19 ESV
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus
Molly Marie 🙂

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