You Are Valuable

Dear darlings,

Today I share with you my first Youtube video. My Youtube channel will be full of content relating to living life in a positive way, with God as the reason why we are able to keep moving forward in all circumstances, all the while showing you how valuable you are, from the simple things to the more complex happenings life has to offer us.

Please take a moment and watch my video, like, subscribe to my channel for hopeful or just happy and jolly content and share my video with others. I want to garner a sense of community with you all, sharing our testimonies, dreams, hopes, hobbies and our FAITH!

Sometimes in life we don’t feel valuable, whether that is because we are in situations that seem bleak, other folks don’t make us feel important or we just want to give up. These are moments where we need to remember we cannot give up and when you need to most remember that you are most definitely valuable. God values you so much, let him into your heart to help guide you to joy.

I hope you all have a happy day, remember you are valuable, so valuable.


Molly Marie 🙂

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