A Pocket-Sized Collection of my Pocket-Sized Poems

Hello darlings,

Being a new time in my life, I was looking back at a few of my poems I have written throughout many changes in my life. These poems are pocket-sized and there are only a pocket-sized amount here. Poetry is my favorite form of writing. I positively love poetry, no matter the type. I find it serene even when sad, when most happy and can always twirl the emotions in thoughts you weren’t aware you had. I loved poetry in school, I loved it out of school and I find it helps me feel better after writing or helps me feel even better depending on the circumstance. I don’t necessarily title my poems, I just sit and write and think of how I’m structuring them as I go, and I love pocket-sized poems particularly.

We begin and end with hopeful poems I’ve written because my hope is to always continue to help others find hope in the most pocket-sized pieces of life if they have too or want too. Pocket sized poems are quick to peruse and quick to spark something in you that will hopefully be a hope bringing fuse. (See what I did there? A pun AND a rhyme).. 🙂

When you fear the future…

Don’t let uncertainty be

The ending when something will finally set you free,

You see,

It’s not good to be all too carefree, 

And it’s not good to continue to flee,

Don’t stay put like a tree 

And wade in the waves of the sea

This will become a long eternity

If you’re never letting yourself have glee

It’s only a matter of time before we

All must eventually decree,

Who it is we will want to be

So sit back and relax and have a cup of tea

You’re going to be fine if you choose to be,

Yes, you’ll see

You can be one happy happy happy, ducky. 🙂

And you find serenity in the life from before and now and tomorrow…

You look back at the past,

You look inward to the present,

You look forward to the future,

You see a fast moving…pleasant feeling…times full of somewhat, well you’re unsure,

But you keep on aways thinking so pure,

You stay positive when you come to a dent,

You know life can move somewhat fast,

And you decide to look up at the clouds and smile for something good is bound, jus bound to happen next. 

Always remember you get to be you at all times, this is your life and you’ve got this…

Rainy flows,

The dark nights endlessly begin to grow.

And sparks only we all yearn to understand, to know,

seem to stop telling us no,



Though, wait

Where did we go?

We choose this time though,

Where do we go? 

It’s our chance to decide, oh

How life is strange and how life expands, worlds come together and galaxies link up, sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t, take in a moment and let life slow. 💚When life seems bleak,

Remember you’re not at all going to let yourself be weak,

Turn the other cheek,

There may need to be more than one tweek,

but, hey, you’ve got this because you are unique. 

I find so much means for poetry in nature with all God gave us outdoors…

Nature’s nice, why?

Why because

Though always changing

Though not always full of golden beaming sunshine rays

Though sometimes bringing chaotic disarray

Though always surprising

Why that’s the cause

Nature’s nice, why?

Why because

It is always gratefully changing

It is always full of rainbows God put in the clouds to lay

Sometimes it even gives us a cool starry night display

It is always giving us the best kind of surprising

Nature’s nice


Because it’s beautiful nevertheless. 🙂 

And when you feel all alone, your Creator God loves you and wants YOU here on this earth…

I hope you feel something within your heart sparking you to feeling you deserve great love,

I wish for you to know inside your mind wholeheartedly that you are worth more than all the hurt inside though know you can right now be free of,

Moving forward and onward I dream of each of us to always know we deserve only and all of the hopeful love from the sad thoughts above.

You are special and by God above you are loved, loved, loved. 🙂 

You’re loved by our one and only God and worth so much.

Have a lovely evening,

Molly Marie 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Pocket-Sized Collection of my Pocket-Sized Poems

  1. I enjoyed this post Molly. I discovered that I was loved one day in 2011 when I had a peace wash over me. I now know there is a God for myself and I know I am never alone. I believe in God and I have hope for the future and of course the present.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Molly, your poetry is beautiful and you are darling. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more on your blog. Yes, I believe you are “beginning a new time in life” sharing and encouraging. Blessings, Denise

    Liked by 1 person

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