Month Color Light Pink

Dear darlings,

It is the final day of February. It is 11:58 a.m., so actually it is two minutes to the final day of February, one of the sweetest months of the year romantically and quite differently. Particularly, the reason I have sat down to write is because I am not allowing myself to work anymore today, so I baked a banana bread that is slowly, but surely, baking away in a hot oven of which I cannot go to bed until I finish letting the bread bake. So I thought, why not write on my blog and get some of my month out in words, it’ll help me relax a bit.

To start, I turned 20 this month. I think somewhere in my color loving inner thoughts, I always thought 20 would be a light pink year. When I think of light pink, I think of focus, focus on my dreams, I think of hope, hope for a lovely year, and sweetness in all ways sweetness can be. I know and only can hope that this year of being 20 will be sweet, and let me tell you, it already is.

What did this month contain within its 28 days? GOD of course. So much God. You can’t have too much God. What else? Well, college and work of course. We all know that’s what I do, but it also contained my sweet and loving family and friends, it contained a sweet surprise birthday party before rehearsal planned by one of my sweet best friends and my sweet  crew and cast, it contained silly and sweet memories made by accident while driving around in the starlit sky, it contained rewarding moments at work with my sweet kiddos, it held interesting topics learned in my sweet schooling, it held moments of sweetness all around and I will not keep going because some moments are even sweeter when we let ourselves think about them quietly.

It was not a lickity split, snap and I am feeling 20 and all of it’s age 20 apparent occurences of sweetness, but no, maybe it was.

Last year I was learning a lot of what and what not to do. Thank you God.

This year I am learning a lot of how and why I want to do. Thank you God.


I have been becoming better at decisions to be made by myself, I have become less fearful of my future and I have become more assertive in areas needed.

These three happenings are BIG for a women like me. I don’t want the world, I don’t want the people in it, to change me or to make me feel I need to coincide with any ideal made by themselves. I will following God’s path for me and using the passions He instilled in me to KEEP MOVING FORWARD, past FEAR and onto the BEAUTIFUL life still in the future.

I finished directing my second show this month, and it was my first teen and through adult play. The show was The Diary of Anne Frank. This show meant a lot to me, I not only am fascinated by history, but Anne, a little girl, sweet, and smart, was, along with many others, put into a life of hurt, her story was tragic, but laced with hope due to her faith in God.

Faith in God. That is sweet.

The duration of the show brought its challenges, many pertaining to me needing to buckle down and tell it like it is, be a director and be okay with the fact that most people aren’t going to agree with my decisions theatrically, because in my everyday life, well, I don’t get agreed with much anyway. Nonetheless, the show was quite successful, due to decisions being made, due to me letting myself finally let go that to put on something respectful and what I thought would be what gave the most glory to God by showing the passions and talent and STORY from Him.

Theatre is a great way for me to carry other aspects of my life into it’s quarters, train and learn and use those lessons for my everyday life. Although, let’s be honest, theatre is my everyday life as well, but you get what I mean. However, especially now, theatre is in my life forever I had always hoped, but since I have founded my own theatre company, it has only sweetly increased.

I think God wanted me to start a theatre company. I am moving to New York City here soon. Oh, I am. Furthermore, I still think God, as I have been trying and trying to figure out, has had at least 8 reasons that He has wanted me to stay in Ohio for a bit longer than being a 15 year old with plans. One of them finally came to me.

My company is called The Luminescent Moon Theatre Company.


The company is called Luminescent Moon because while I was trying to come up with a company name, my dad said to me that I needed to think of something bigger than a hometown, small town name, something bigger like a name of a galaxy or something about space, because he knows I am so intriuged by astronomy. Well, the moon is in space and I have always had such a love for the moon and while trying to think of beautiful and words that could add to the word “moon”, I came upon “luminescent”. Luminescent is not only lovely to gaze at like the moon, but it is big, and bright and describes the moon while being a thrill to say, all while tying into the idea of our mission statement of letting our performers be as bright as the moon’s glow.

You are luminescent.

My hometown does not have a theatre company and we are small, but fairly large. That makes sense. We would have a great audience for a theatre company, full of people wanting to be involved. Wow, God placed me in exactly the right place to be. Thank you God. He always knows.

After many phone calls, paperwork, filing and back and forths, and at this point it is still ongoing, I have created the company and we are expecting a first curtain call in the coming months.

This is definitely rewarding, a company in a town I grew up always wishing had a theatre company close by, working on theatre with my own rules and with all the say I want, and making theatre sooner to being my only job for income, and sweetest of all, I can give back to those in my community, finally giving those with a passion, a chance, it is so sweet.


So sweetness is ensuing, because I am following what God has planned.

My bread is done baking, I can sleep now and also enjoy the bread.


Now off to go continue being an independent, dress twirling, hope loving, bread eating, spontaneous decision making, in her head often, not from Jupiter or the 1950’s as she would like to be, me. It will be sweet, but I do hope I can continue to only love and learn.

I look forward to more sweetness coming and I hope you are too.

Good blessings.


Molly Marie 🙂


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