Week Color Tea Green

Hi folks!

I hope you’re happy. I’m happy.

Emotions are all over with me all the time. There is the present consistency of living my life in a joyful way because I love God so much and all He has provided. That is always there. I have that joy always.

The emotions pertaining to my feelings, or moments and what is happening in life are not consistent all the time. Currently, I’ve been back and forth and here and there and everywhere with trying to figure out the way I’m feeling and what to do and why there is a how I’m so sure of some feelings and with others, I feel so uncertain about.

I take note of other’s and my own feelings regarding situations from tiny to large everyday. It’s not only fascinating to learn how other people feel, but it is so helpful to be able to put yourself by them emotionally and maybe help them. That’s fulfilling.

It is also helpful for my own self to understand my feelings and try and thoroughly process them to the best of my current ability. I do this to not only feel better, to learn how to help others, but to hopefully make decisions based upon the logic of the situation and the feelings all coming together.

What’s one feeling I’ve processed lately? Well, just this week I attended the Alive Festival. That’s a Christian music festival.


 Worshipping God makes my heart so very happy. Sharing His love makes my heart grin all so huge. Loving God and knowing His love for us makes my heart full, full, full. ❤️

One of my favorite things about the random and usual and ever increasing adventures I go on is experiencing new things, of course! Well not only new things in the adventures themselves, but seeing different people and how they interact in different environments. I love classic, experiencing to be put simply. 

At Alive yesterday, it was quite absorbing to not only see how different people worshipped the Lord in a much larger group and atmosphere than I am used to, but to be apart of it. I go to a tiny church though beautiful, and I’ve only been to quaint or maybe medium churches and small ones for the most part. I love the intimacy of worship within those churches. I love the way there is a quieter yet still passionate love being praised to God even without as many voices. 

Yesterday at Alive I experienced a just as passionate love being praised to God, but with a rather giant crowd who all were just as lost in the moment with only loving God in their hearts. There were more voices. 

I love people, but I for once felt like the quiet girl again, just swaying and swaying and loving God. 

Lately that’s been happening with me and it’s something I’ve taken notice of. I tend to be with people a lot. From my job with sweet children to my theatre company and everything I run around and do in between and college and you know, my woodland critter friends out in the forest being cute. I have been feeling more okay being not alone, always with God, but being on my own. One of my many fears used to be isolation. It was huge. I was so scared of being isolated overall in life. Though, now, isolation hasn’t even lingered on my mind as something to stress over for quite sometime. I’m finding I’m serene being on my own and lately it’s made moments like Alive yesterday more impactful as I was not alone, no, not by any means, but I was happy to be surrounded by folks who were all coming together to celebrate never being alone because we always have God. ❤️

This feeling of learning how I find isolation not a scary feeling anymore, but one to enjoy, and want to be in when the moments occur, is so beautiful. I know I’m with God and He is letting me be on my own in the moment. Letting me be with Him. It’s beautiful and it’s so much tea green.

Tea green isn’t dark, it isn’t light, it’s a medium sort of green that also has a little air of brown. It’s a nice green, believe me. I’m sure you can picture your favorite shade of green, well this isn’t mine, but it’s one of them. This shade of green reminds me of fear and with God, learning how to let fears go. It’s tea green. Tea is refreshing. God’s love and hope for us is the most refreshing of all.

Have a beautiful night folks, and please enjoy a cup of tea if you feel the sweet need!


Molly Marie 🙂 💖


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