Week Color Yellow

Hi darlings,

I hope you feel so full of happy, cheerful and yellow feelings coming for you this week. Those are always welcome, it’s not silly and wasteful or ignorant to be happy and it’s not at all selfish to bask in a ray of sunshine all day long.

It is innocent, but that’s not bad.

Furthermore, we cannot succeed in always manufacturing ourselves a yellow week, but we can let ourselves feel a yellow week deeply when we remember God’s blessings.

I don’t often let myself feel the feeling of negativity. I try and organize any possible doubt, hurt and less than positive thought into something that has to point north.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Negativity is okay right? It balances the positive.

I’ll learn it someday. I’m in the process now. Thankfully, I’ve realized how to study it. I’ve started to learn and let myself discover parts of my personality that I was scared to understand. The Bible, prayer and finding people in my life who lead me closer to God each day have helped.

To go deeper, if I’m not mentioning the yellow from temporary feelings, then where do I get the yellow feelings from God’s blessings from?  Well I’m currently on a pause with my preschool teaching, it hurts, my littles meant so much to me, but it was time to be finished. God blessed me with the opportunity to always go back to that job that could become lifelong and fulfilling with children if I needed. He gave me so much through my time there, learning not only how to work in the environment, have new responsibilities and teach, but how to be continue my understanding of littles to hopefully be an even better mother one day. Which being a mom and having a family is a dream of mine I hold dear.

Yet I am fully thankful with going back to the awaiting old friend of a city and studying theatre, and music and writing and science and I sum this studying into musical theatre. As well as continuing my involvement with the God blessed theatre company He had me start, The Luminescent Moon, and the other theatrical involvements I’m involved in, from planning to performing, as well as God blessing me to begin work on a Christian horse ranch helping young kids find therapy from working with horses. You may know, horses have been a passion since I was small. They are beautiful animals, bringing companionship and understanding in serene moments, to being at church and surrounding myself in community and having loving family memories and friendships and working on Bible Study and mini side workings like my poem writing and fitness endeavors and enjoying the little bit of time off I have from a day job for a couple more weeks to homemaking and baking more and above all, learning more about God and applying His Word to life and trying to help others see Him.

God brought me to a place in my life where I feel so serene in a sense that my life doesn’t feel controlled. I am doing what it is I want to do in the path that I believe God is directing me. I feel excited to be pursuing the passions He instilled without feeling any portion of my commitments being the upsetting part of obligatory or just another means to get to an end. It’s a process of enjoyment along the way.

That is overall so very yellow.

I want to talk about something happy and cheerful and yellow that happened to me this week.

I realized my innocence is a beautiful characteristic of my personality. It’s not something I need to change, cover or be embarrassed by.

From the time I was little and all growing up, I always was told how innocent I was. I have always took it as a compliment. I want to not only portray innocence, but fully be innocent. I want to see the good and do good. Innocent loving and hoping is a beautiful way to see and go about life.

Innocent in what terms?

Truly, I am innocent in all terms applied when spoken to me about innocence in my personality I believe.

Nonethless, innocence doesn’t equal childness.

I always loved being called innocent and still do.

The one thing that hurts is when I find myself thinking people don’t take my thoughts, my doings and my life respectfully.

People treat you differently when they find out you are more than your outside and sometimes I don’t let people see more than my outside and a tiny little inside. I don’t close up my doors completely, but I don’t go further to open up. I don’t share all my feelings and thoughts because not everyone deserves to hear me. I’m vulnerable and I’m fragile. I’m honest, but if people heard all of me, would they believe I’m not what they hoped?

I am strong.

Depsite the constant stress of being hurt when people disrespect me, I can forgive easily.

Forgiving. Does that mean innocence?

I do not know, but I think one of the most innocent, but understanding parts about me is my ability to forgive. Forgiving means hurt is no longer there, love is in its place. That comes from God. Thank you God.

Innocence truly helps me every day not being so hurt and not being so negative. I love living this way. Why would I want to lose that word describing my personality?

I don’t. I love being innocent. I’m 20, and free to be me, innocent and always ready for tea.

It’s yellow. It’s so yellow when I have one less thing to try and change about myself to make other people think somehow what I think is a better opinion of me.

Innocent is good.

Innocent is yellow.

Have a yellow week.

God loves you.

Good blessings.


Molly Marie 💛



My last day of working as a littles teacher was beautiful and thank you God for such a beautiful journey working with beautiful children. ❤️


2 thoughts on “Week Color Yellow

  1. “I realized my innocence is a beautiful characteristic of my personality. It’s not something I need to change, cover or be embarrassed by.”

    Celebrate it.

    Liked by 1 person

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