Slowing Down and Looking Around

Hello friends,

A happy day to you is what I hope and a happy day tomorrow to follow!

A friend of mine shared some words with me that he tells his wife, “No worry, no hurry.” Firstly, knowing me, it catches my attention because it rhymes. Besides that, it catches my attention because it’s such a simple statement full of something I could certainly begin to take more notice of in my life, and actually inside my heart know I should.

He’s lived through a lot, and I find learning from generations that have experienced so much more than I, from age and what life brings, is something I can really apply to the now and think about more deeply. Why not?

My life changes very often. I love change. Currently, I’m in a change where God has blessed me with being as usual busy, but the kind of busy that I look forward too.

I love where I go, what I do, and all my stresses are exciting.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying everything I’m doing to the fullest capability of which I want to be. Scheduling doesn’t have to be stressful. Lately, I’ve been looking less at the clock. I keep prompt, show when I need and keep on time, but there’s no much more than just continuing to “make an event”, “get somewhere and do the thing and leave” or “show up and just be there.”. Those places to be mean something and more than just ticking off a mental knowing that you made another happening on your personal planner. They mean something because you’re doing God’s work, applying yourself and working to a goal.

Then there’s the in between times. The times your by yourself and focusing on those other priorities that you don’t have to be with. Those times you can really understand that if you slow your own breathe down and let yourself realize that not everything has to be done right away, you’ll feel so much more fulfilled. Taking my time and doing what needs to be done, even if it means, elongating the time it takes by a few days, has been so refreshing to my heart lately. God has helped me through and I’m finding myself more fulfilled by each and every small to big memory in life. Thank you God. 🙂 💖❤💖

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Molly Marie ❤

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