Week Color Blue

Hello darlings,

I hope you have been feeling beautiful.

This week is blue. It is the blue that comes to your mind when you let the word blue pass by, thought about and dreamed about. It is that blue. It is interesting to me that we all may be seeing varying different kinds of blue, but I bet some of us are thinking about the exact same blue.

Whether you are thinking of the blue I am thinking or a blue unique to your thinking, blue is still blue.

Blue is associated with many different feelings, we could say it refers to a feeling of being calm, blue is the color of the ocean and hearing the waves crash and the seeing the waters sparkle is surely relaxing. Being calm does remind me of dreams and sleep, which are both blue. I look at the beautiful space that surrounds us, thinking of the stars and the moon, and there is so much blue in the calmness that comes from space and dreams we hold dear.

Blue can make one think of intelligence. When I think of blue I tend to think of specific jobs requiring intelligence to solve problems. Perhaps, problem solving is also blue to me because problems can be solved easier at times when remaining calm.

Blue can also be sad. You may feel blue and begin listening to jazz tunes and taking it easy. Blue is often how water appears to be colored when in an environment that lets it be so and full and tears can be an image that we see as sadness, which means we see blue.

Furthermore, blue means many things, depending on you. Most importantly, I think blue can mean happy, happy because I see blue being new. I see blue, again, perhaps because of waters, rushing out the old and bringing in the new. I see blue as a new beginning, and new beginnings, when thought of in a positive manner, are often happy.

This week is blue. On Monday, yesterday, I had a beautiful and blue in the calm thought, of a morning. I went to the horse farm where I volunteer. I am learning to become a therapy session leader for kids with the horses. For a full hour my intelligent, which certainly shows blue, trainer and I bond with a horse. I learn about horsemanship and building a relationship with the beautiful horses. Then in the spring, hopefully I will be helping lovely children learn how to build bonds with the horses. The horse I worked with yesterday, her name was Dreamer. Now, I don’t know about you, but dreams are blue. Sleep is blue. The horse was not blue in color, although, how neat would that be, a blue fur colored horse, she was a bay, but she was blue in her demeanor. She was calm, always taking her time, she was intelligent, picking up her training quickly, and she was blue because she was a dreamer, Dreamer.

My week continues to be blue. I go to school and work hard. I am following my dreams. From piano class and learning music that calms me, to passing a test after feeling stressed, I am blue.

Tonight starts rehearsals for the Christmas show with The Luminescent Moon Theatre Company. I am producing the show and playing The Ghost of Christmas Past. A new beginning is here because I am trusting a director and assistant director to take the directing on with this performance. They are intelligent, they know the story and are going to do a splendid job.

This evening will be the start of a new show with a new crew and a new cast. I am thrilled and looking forward to the classic story being shared with audiences come Christmas.

The blue taking hold of the week is a blue of hope. Hope is blue to me, because having hope calms me. It means I feel optimistic. Through the here’s and there’s of a week, hope is always something I keep. I love how blue hope is.

I hope you have a beautiful week full of your choice of lovely blue.

Good blessings. ❤


Molly Marie 🙂


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